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Ensuring a sustainable future for socially and historically disadvantaged farmers (SHDFs) remains a central mission of many 1890 land grant universities. As major corpora [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
The Walmart Initiative was designed to provide technical support to train at least 200 farmers on best practices in marketing produce to larger companies and corporations [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
This paper focuses on providing sustainable irrigation opportunities to socially and historically disadvantaged farmers (SHDFs). The ability to provide steady production [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
The Sustainable Agriculture Consortium for Historically Disadvantaged Farmers Program (SACH) was designed to carry out an experiment by five 1890 Land-Grant Universities [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
This paper focuses on socially disadvantaged farmers (SDFs) and civil rights issues as it relates to the USDA. It also deals with Diversity Initiatives in the 2008 Farm B [...]
2013 | Journal Article |
This paper shares challenges faced and overcome by four African American women on their 2013 journey to secure USDA’s Produce Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) Harmoni [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
2013 | Journal Article |
This study was conducted at S & B Farm located in Eufaula, AL in 2014. The treatments were Inorganic fertilizer/“Farmer’s Mix” (NPK 13:13:13 + ammonium nitrate [...]
2015 | Journal Article |
Tuskegee University has been providing various types of technical expertise to limited resource farmers who have been supplying Walmart with collard greens, watermelons a [...]
2014 | Journal Article |
This case study examined methods used in a food safety/Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) educational program with small and limited resource produce farmers in Alabama t [...]
2014 | Journal Article |